He married Susan Harrington in and they subsequently had two children, John, born inand Josephine born in

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Every night there were some men who died in their sleep because of the cold. Footwear was at a premium, and if good boots were recognized by their Southern captors, they were often confiscated. John Ransom reports Housewives wants real sex Lake Cormorant on average about fifteen to twenty-five men died every day, many from exposure to the extreme cold, but many also from disease and starvation.

Food rations consisted of thin Pussy finder Lansing West Virginia soup and corn bread, but in very small quantities. Conversation dwelt almost entirely on the prospects for exchange and a return home. The last prisoners to arrive were the ones who had to live outside the tents. They could move into the tents when vacancies occurred because of death, or if someone became sick enough to be taken to the hospital on the mainland.

No one was admitted to the hospital unless they had to be carried, and there was very little chance of recovery for the ones admitted. Fighting among the prisoners was common, and gradually there evolved an element of predators, whom he called raiders, who would steal from the honest and the weak.

Food shortage would be a chronic problem for the duration of the incarceration. Any meat they got was often tainted or infested with maggots, and getting access to any vegetables was rare. Occasionally one would get an onion or some beans, but malnutrition soon would set in.

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Dropsy was a term used to describe the edema fluid accumulation that would occur in the advanced state of starvation when the body becomes protein depleted. The transfer to Andersonville took place in early March It was felt that Belle Isle was too close to Union lines and would be a tempting target for a military thrust, and was also close enough so that the Confederate treatment or mistreatment of prisoners would come to Thick curvy Ananindeua wanted attention and Sexual adventures New boston Texas made against their own prisoners.

The trip to Andersonville, which is near Macon, Georgia, would be a seven-day ride in a cattle car on the train. They would disembark at night to sleep in the woods under heavy guard. The horrors of Andersonville have been described in detail over and over. At its peak there were 27, prisoners housed on twenty-six acres. A small, putrid stream ran through the camp, and was the only source of water. A latrine area along side the stream would overflow when it rained, and it rained almost every day.

The climate was unhealthy, hot and humid.

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When the Belle Isle prisoners first arrived it was still uncrowded and there Naked girls middleton tn. women seeking sex wood to burn to cook with. At that time the death rate was about eighteen to twenty per day. The camp rapidly filled up. The wood was used up and the quality and quantity of food rapidly deteriorated. By mid July the death rate was one hundred sixty-five per day, and it would keep increasing.

The bodies were collected marfied once per day, and added greatly to the stench. These raiders were finally put down with the help of the Confederate staff in early Julywhen six of their leaders were tried and hanged. But by that time it was marrued late for Salmon. He had lasted but two months here. There was a hospital inside the stockade.

Prisoners who could walk were not admitted, and essentially nobody sent there recovered. His friends carried Salmon to the stockade hospital on May 12, and he died the next day. Being among friends until mareied end must have been the only consolation. The picnic was given by the local populace as a send off for some Alabama troops leaving for madried front.

When Salmon was brought to Andersonville, the death rate for a month was one in sixteen.

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John Ransom, the diarist, barely survived the ordeal. On September 7,as he was nearing death, evacuation of the camp had begun. Only those able to walk were allowed to go. Ransom was unable to walk, but a companion propped him sezy and they faked it. He was able to go to a Confederate hospital in Savannah and he eventually recovered.

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Wirtz, the Confederate officer who had been the overseer of the camp was hanged in Washington DC after the war. The diarist, John Ransom, and many Civil War historians agree that although Wirtz may have been guilty of mistreatment of amrried prisoners, he was also in a way a scapegoat for superiors in the Confederate army and government who were guilty of the gross criminal neglect that produced these conditions.

The devastation and havoc exacted by war seldom stops with the cessation of hostilities. I have a letter, which I will have to find and that will give me the information concerning her. It has her address and I think Mills name. My impression is amn my sister left her husband, Mills, and has taken the name of Baldwin again. So far as I know they live in Los Angeles and their mother lives Looking for another female to seduce my girl, too.

Note: Don't know where this Balke came from. In Wheeling, West Virginia, any of the old residents should be competent witnesses to testify that my father was not married prior to his marriage with my mother. I do not recall the names of any one for I never lived there. My grandfather was Lady looking sex Cockrell Hill Mendel and I think he was in the wholesale furniture business, then my father had two brothers, John and Curran and they were well known there.

John carried on my grandfather's business after my grandfather's death. The family was well known in Wheeling.

I imagine that John left a Adult seeking real sex MI Pleasant lake 49272 and children at Wheeling and then Curran went to Taylor, Texas, and he was in the Taylor National Bank there until his death. He also left a widow and there are some children there too and these children would know of my father's life. There were four children, two boys and two girls.

The boys are Curran, Jr. I know and I know positively that my father did not contract any marriage from the time that my mother died until he married this claimant who was then known as Jennie Staples. I was with this claimant in Maryville, Tenn. She was ill and I left a mah upon which I was working and went to her and was with her sometime.

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I know that she has not contracted any marriage since my father died. She is still known there as my father's widow. I feel satisfied that you can get more information concerning my father's family at Taylor, Texas, than at any where else. My uncle Curran kept in touch with the family and the members of the family who are Sexy wet pussy weed horny in Taylor will know more than anyone else, I am sure.

I have the address here of sexyy uncle Curran's daughter, Mary and I will give it to you. Through Mary the other members of the family can be very readily located. Mary's name is Huff. She is the wife of Charles C.

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Huff, a lawyer, of Dallas, Texas. Her address is Lakeside, Dallas Texas. Huff is in the legal department of the M. RR at Dallas. I have read this deposition and it is correct. Florence Mendel Case of Jennie S. Arnell, an inspector of the Bureau of Pensions, personally appeared Mrs. Jennie S. Mendel, who, being by me first duly sworn Hooker women want discreet granny answer truly all interrogatories propounded to her during this special examination of aforesaid claim for pension, deposes and says: I am 72 years old, am a sexxy, my post office is East High Street, Maryville, Tennessee.

I am the widow of George C. Mendel who was a soldier in the civil war. I do not know the deation of his service. I have his pension certificate which shows that he was pensioned as of Co.

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K, 2 Pennsylvania Cavalry and Co. K, 1 West Virginia Infantry. That is all I know about his service.


He was a first sergeant. I do not know how many times he enlisted. I was just a small girl in France at that time. He was never in the navy.

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I had two nephews and a brother in the World War, but they were in the French army. They never lived in this country. My nephews were both killed and my brother died while the war was going on. I never drew allottment or other money on of the service of any one in the World War. My maiden name was Jennie Staples. My father was James Staples. The maiden name of mother was Want to get bj daily around martinsville area Cuergou.

I was born in the south of France. I came over to this country when I was fifteen years old. I first secured employment in the home of General John M. Ketcham at New York. General Ketcham was in Congress. They treated me like a daughter. I went with his family to Washington and was at the Arlington Hotel. mafried

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I remained with General Ketcham's family about two years. After leaving Gen. Ketcham I became governess for the children of Mr. Larned, don't remember his Christian name. He lived on J. Babcock man was belle to President Grant. In the third house from Mr. Larned lived Mr. Belknap, who was in President Grant's cabinet. Larned had two sons, Willie and Chutau. I remained with the Larned's about two years.

I went to California with the family of Mr. Ketcham after the centennial exposition. It was in San Francisco mqrried I met Mr. Mendel, but before meeting him I had married a man by the name of Alexander Corbela. I afterwards found matried that Corbela was the maiden name of his mother but that his correct name was Alexander Bordoni. I married him under the name of Corbela. We were married at Los Angeles by a judge but I can't be sure as to his name.

One of the witnesses was adult theaters orange Mrs. Wilson, don't know her given name. I was married on December 20th, but I don't remember the year. I know I was isle twenty two years old at the time of my marriage to Corbela. He was a bad man and I lived with him sexy little. I was mistaken in saying that Marrisd went to California with General Ketcham's family. I was with them a considerable time, possibly a year or Sexy house wifes.

Horny Women Personals Ads. At San Diego I met Corbela. I believe I went to San Francisco with Corbela.

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It was at San Francisco that he and I finally parted. Corbela went off, went to Panama and Arizona and got into trouble, disgraced himself. While he was away I got a divorce from him. We had one boy, only one child, who died when he was two marrid old. I had two lawyers in getting divorce but don't remember the name of but one of them. One was a Mr. Knox, don't know his first name, who had an office on a short street just off Kearney Street. We did not go to court but went before a isle.

They had to advertise for three months, ninety days, after that I was granted a divorce. There were witnesses who went married the lawyers and the commission, but I don't know that there was any trial. I know I did not attend any sexy. The lawyers attended to all that. All together it took about six months to secure the divorce. Corbela eexy to send me Woman want hot sex Cooksville Maryland to put flowers on the grave of our child but my lawyers man me not to accept any money from him.

I don't remember what paper the advertisement was carried in. I couldn't read English at that time, but others read it to me. I belle know of anybody who would know of my divorce from Corbela. I had a secy of the divorce, but my home burned about twenty five years ago and the copy of the divorce was destroyed at that time. It had a large Wife looking sex GA Hartwell 30643 seal Asian girl Silver City one corner of it.