My story was 15 years ago My girl Christine and I decided at the last minute to head towards Flo for spring break. We live in Mn so the attraction to get away in Feb is huge.

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First cuckold stories

Syories story was 15 years ago My girl Christine and I decided at the last minute to head towards Flo for spring break. We live in Mn so the attraction to get away in Feb is huge. At the time I was 24 and she was We had been together for 3 stories and felt very much in love. Our sex was great and our life was good. It all kinda started one night when we were watching tv I wasn't sure what she meant by that but I knew that since I had been the only guy she had been with it had me thinking Now I had been with about 13 women when we met and she was very conservative, thinking only one I was the first and only one inside her.

She was very attractive 5'7 Blond, Blue eyes, 34c breasts, perfect pussy It just kinda hit me that she had never had another and that was what made the "love scene" so attractive Anyway, that all happened about 3 cuckolds before our trip. We decided that because of economics we would drive first I started thinking about things and thought that this would be a great opportunity for her To Fuck someone else Cuciold we drove off I told her that the next 10 days are going to be more than Lonely bitch searching woman for fucking have ever dreamt of.

First cuckold stories

She had no Idea what I was talking about Anyway we drove 12 hours to louisville Left at 7AM mpls got there 7PM Nothing sexual happened along the way I was horny as could be that night at the hotel and made her pussy pay I knew what might be coming for her She had no clue We left the next morning and figured we'd get to Daytona about 3pm. On our first day I had asked her "We are cuckold for the next 10 days of everyone and story I guess you don't always know the "Balls" your partner has.

We drove on and got to the Tenn Border. Once there I stopped the car and told her to take off her clothes. She was shocked a bit but I told her Now she was young built We are driving through Tenn with my Bride to be naked as can be It was pretty funny because I had to monitor the traffic Family coming aside For the first hour she was nervous as can be.

Then she lightened up some. At one point a mobile home came past. A group of young guys 2 good looking women South Bend ave Ohio.

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Again, she was Very Conservative…. What she does next just blows my sories. She reclines her chair, pulls her cover off and spre her legs as far as she can in the car…. I figure if she really feels this good about things I should probably get in the left lane and give these guys a show.

I move over and her face…. They finally pulled up aside us and I could see the driver. He was as surprised as I was. Here he is looking down into my car and he is seeing Chris…. Next thing I know a couple other windows open up and all of a sudden 4 guys are watching her… Nothing further happened as traffic was getting heavy and we storiees to be safe.

She put her clothes on and we went on toward Flo. She was kinda quiet and I asked if she was Kinky sex date in Huron IN. Swingers, kinkycouples. She said she felt bad, naughty. She reached over…. I think everything was just starting to sink in for her…. We got to Daytona No rooms We arrive about pm Suns setting but the world is beautiful.!!

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I figure out real quick that I Made no reservations and we had no place to sleep and get clean the next day I figure we can stop here, sleep on the beach or in the car, and head south tomorrow…… In the mean time we might as well enjoy the night and see what Daytona has to offer. We start bar hopping.

First cuckold stories

Have dinner, do some dancing, just enjoying the warm weather and the attractive people. She danced with a few other guys and a couple of women….

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Lol Anyway, damn this is getting long, sorry. I know that when she has too much to drink she gets horny as hell, and after our naked drive I knew she was hotter than usual. I tell Chris that we gotta stop….

First cuckold stories

We decide to walk down to the ocean and as we cut through this motel area we hear this Yell. We look up and on the 3rd floor are 3 guys. Obviously partying hard. They yelled down to us to them…. Think they liked Chrises long blond hair. To be a star?

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We walk up the stairs to the guys room and the closer we got the Fjrst I knew Chris was gonna have a blast. They were from Pittsburgh….

Good looking guys. Very drunk, very horny. They went inside and grabbed us a couple beers. I explained our sleeping arrangements…. They invited us to stay…. Both Chris and I were grateful as could be. Then it truly dawned on me…. Chris was gonna Fkrst one of these guys.

First cuckold stories

Then I told Chris…. Now this was not a revealing nighty, just something she wears to bed nightly. The thing is it may be conservative but it is all white and she looks like an angel in it. It is mid thigh kinda revealing but not much.

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She looks at me and says ok. I think we gotta get this moving or go to bed. Big day tomorrow.

I go to our car and get our luggage. She is having a blast with the three of them, laughing and all. I get her clothes and she goes into the bathroom to change. She comes out of the bathroom and our jaws just drop. She had altered it in there. It kinda had an inner layer, Girl sex Wailea Makena she took that out. Now, the thing was about see through. I am thinking….

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She grabs a beer and steps out on the balcony. With her alterations and the light reflections we could see right through her Nighty.

She had no Bra on…No panties…. She was ready to fuck…….