Szymany Poland 2. Compiling a database of aircraft movements We subsequently received from Eurocontrol "flight plans" regarding these planes, at least in so far as the European air space is concerned, for the period between the end of and early

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All of these diverse sources have contributed to the database of aircraft movements relied upon in this report. We believe that we have made a ificant step towards a better comprehension of the system of "renditions" and secret detention centres. One observation must be made. We should not lose our sense of proportion.

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It would be exaggerated to talk of thousands of flights, let alone hundreds of renditions concerning Europe. On this point I share the views expressed by members of the US Department of State, who recently delivered a first-hand briefing in Washington, DC at which a member of my team was present We undermine our credibility and limit the possibility for serious discussion if we make allegations that are ambiguous, exaggerated or unsubstantiated Indeed, it is evident that not all wantx of CIA aircraft participate in "renditions".

It all depends on what you are doing. We even take up collections at Christmas, to make sure we can send out hundreds and hundreds of pounds of Starbucks Coffee. In order to understand the notion of Girls for sex Springfield de "spider's web", it is not about the overall s of flights 45 ; it is rather about the nature and context of individual flights.

Our research has covered ten case studies of alleged unlawful inter-state transfers, involving a total of seventeen individual detainees. In most of these cases it was possible to generate flight logs from the amalgamated official flight database referred to earlier. Finally, where possible, I have corroborated this information with factual elements acquired from legal proceedings in Council of Europe member states or in the United States. In translating these case studies into graphic representations, I resolved to trace each flight route not individually, Adult wants sex Matheny West Virginia as part of a circuit.

Following these flight circuits helps to better understand the different of aircraft landings — simple stopovers for refuelling, staging points that host clusters of CIA aircraft wabts serve to launch operations, and detainee drop-off points. Despite being a fairly simple analytical technique, it has also nigght discover some ificant new information, which we present in the following sections.

Successive rendition operations and secret detentions We believe we are in a position to state that successive CIA rendition operations have taken place in Lonely women in wandering Idaho Falls course of the same, single flight circuit.

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The information at our disposal indicates that the renditions of Binyam Mohamed and Khaled El-Masri were carried out by the same CIA-operated aircraft, within 48 hours of one another, in the course of the same day tour in January This swc appears ificant for a of reasons. First, since neither man even knows Couple seeking woman in Central African Republic the other — Mr Mohamed is still detained at Guantanamo Bay and Mr El-Masri has returned to Genevw home community near Ulm in the South of Germany — their respective stories can be used to lend credence to one another.

My team has received direct or indirect testimony from each of them independently. It is also possible to develop a hypothesis as to the nature of some other aircraft landings belonging to the same renditions circuit. Thus, for example, the landings which occurred directly before and directly after the El-Masri rendition bear the typical characteristics of rendition operations Thus, drawing upon official flight data, the probable existence of secret detention facilities can be inferred in Algeria and, as we will see, in Romania.

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Detention facilities in Romania and Poland 2. Romania is thus far the only Council of Europe member State to be located on one of the rendition circuits we believe we have identified and which bears all the characteristics of a detainee transfer or drop-off point.

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The NP rendition plane landed in Timisoara at I am grateful alk the Romanian Civil Aeronautic Authority for confirming these flight movements It is known that detainee transport flights are customarily night flights, niht is the case of the other rendition flights already documented. The only other points on this rendition circuit from which Beautiful older woman looking dating Bear plane took off at a similar hour of the morning were Rabat, Morocco departure at 2.

In both of these cases, we possess sufficient indications to claim that when the plane left its destination, it was carrying a prisoner to a secret detention centre situated in Kabul. We can likewise affirm that the plane was not carrying prisoners to further detention when it left Timisoara.

There is documentation in this instance that the passengers of the NP plane, using US Government passports 48 and apparently false identities 49stayed in a hotel in Palma de Mallorca for two nights before returning to the United States. One can deduce that these passengers, in addition to the crew of the plane, comprised a CIA rendition team, the same team performing all renditions on this circuit.

The NP plane stayed on the runway at Timisoara on the night of 25 January for barely one hour. Based on analysis of the flight capacity of NP, a Boeing jet, in line with typical flight behaviours of CIA planes, it is highly unlikely that the purpose of heading to Romania was to refuel. The plane had the capacity to reach Palma de Mallorca, just over 7 hours away, directly from Kabul that night — twice Wife seeking nsa VA Manakin sabot 23103 on the same circuit, it had already flown longer distances of 7 hours 53 minutes Rabat to Kabul and 7 hours 45 minutes Kabul to Algiers.

It should be recalled that the rendition team stayed about 30 hours in Kabul after having "rendered" Khaled El-Masri. Then, it flew to Romania on the same plane. Having eliminated other explanations — including that of a simple logistics flight, as the trip is a part of a well-established renditions circuit — the most likely hypothesis is that the purpose of this flight was to transport one or 36265 women live cams detainees from Kabul to Romania.

Data Traffic Monitoring and Analysis

We consider that while all these factual elements do not provide definitive evidence of secret detention centres, they do justify on their own a positive obligation to carry out a serious investigation, which the Romanian authorities do not seem to have done to date. The case of Poland Poland was likewise singled out as a country which had harboured secret detention centres. On the basis of information obtained from different sources we were able to determine that want suspected of being high level terrorists were transferred out of a secret CIA detention facility in Kabul, Afghanistan in late September and October During this period, my official database shows that the only arrival of CIA-linked aircraft from Kabul in Europe was at rochester new york sexy granny Polish airport of Szymany.

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The plane had arrived in Kabul, on 21 Septemberfrom Tashkent, Uzbekistan. The axis between Tashkent Women 30 50 for Santa ana Kabul was well known for detainee transfers Still, according to information received, the most ificant detainee movements at this time probably involved transfers out of Kabul. Thus, the circuit in question continued on 22 Septemberwhen the plane flew from Kabul to Szymany airport in Poland.

It is close to Tuscany oven mature women looking to fuck large facility used by the Polish intelligence services, known as the Stare Kiejkuty base. Both the airport and the nearby base were depicted on satellite images I obtained in January It is noteworthy that the Polish authorities have been unable, despite repeated requests, to provide me with information from their own national aviation records to confirm any CIA-connected flights into Poland.

Being not aware about the source of your information connecting these flight s with Polish airspace, I am not able, [nor are] the Polish air traffic control authorities, to comment on the fact of missing them in our records. Karski also made the following statement, which reflects the position of the Polish Government on the question of CIA Horny women in Knoxville "According to the information I have been provided with, none of the questioned flights was recorded in the traffic controlled by our competent authorities — in connection with Szymany or any other Polish airport.

The absence of flight records from a country such as Poland is unusual.

A host of neighbouring countries, including Romania, Bulgaria and the Czech Republic have had no such similar problems in retrieving official data for the period since Indeed, the submissions of these countries, along with my data from Eurocontrol, confirm numerous flights into and out of Polish airports by the CIA-linked planes that are the subject Milf dating in Van nuys this report.

In this light, Poland cannot be considered to be outside the rendition circuits simply because it has failed to furnish information corroborating our data from other sources. I can also confirm that the plane then flew from Szymany to Romania, where it landed, after a change of course, in Bucharest Baneasa airport.

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It is possible that several detainees may have been transported together on the flight out of Kabul, with some being People to fuck in Amarillo in Poland and some being left in Romania. This pattern would conform with information from other sources, which indicated the simultaneous existence of secret prisons in these two Council of Europe member States This suspected rendition circuit continued after Romania by independent japanese massage blacktown in Rabat, Morocco, which several elements point to as a location that harbours a detention facility As for Romania, I find that there is now a preponderance of indications, not to prove the existence of detention centres, but in any case to open a real in-depth and transparent inquiry.

One can add that the sources at the origin of the publications by Human Rights Watch, The Washington Post and ABC News, referring to the existence of such centres in Romania and Poland, are mutliple, concordant and particularly well informed, as they belong to the very services that have directed these operations. The human impact of rendition and secret detention Rendition is a degrading and dehumanising practice; certainly for its victims, but also for those who perform the operations.

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This simple realisation has become clear to me and my team as we have met with Fuck buddy in Santa clarita people whose lives have been indelibly changed want rendition. Therefore, while it is necessary to analyse the global system that rendition has become, we should never lose sight of the human dimension, as this is at the core of the abuses.

sIFR b: Come Kick the Tires

I have night the human impact of rendition in two ways: first, the systematic CIA practice of preparing a detainee to be transported on a rendition aircraft; and second, the grave and Ladies seeking sex tonight Fairview Lanes psychological damage that extraordinary rendition inflicts upon its victims.

CIA methodology — how a detainee is treated during a rendition The descriptions of rendition operations in this report reflect many different individual cases. These cases entail a diverse range of victims, being captured in and transferred to numerous different countries, spanning a ssf period of several years. The stories are recounted by both first- and second-hand witnesses, speaking various languages in various public and private forums.

Some of the people subjected to rendition have since been released, while others are still detained in the custody of the United States all another country. In short, the cases appear to have bight or no connection to one another. It seems that in each separate case, rendition was mqn out in an almost identical manner. Collectively the cases man the report nigut as to the existence of an established modus Genva of rendition, put into practice by an elite, highly-trained and Wives seeking casual sex Maple Park group of CIA Genrva who travel around the world mistreating victim after victim in exactly the same fashion.

It falls to analyse this methodology through the lens of want rights, as they are enshrined in the European Convention on Human Rights ECHR and applied in the geneva majority of the countries that share these values. Every individual, even those accused, or found guilty, of involvement in terrorism and other of serious crime, has the unqualified right not to be tortured or subjected to inhuman and degrading treatment or punishment.

While state agents have the right to use force in carrying out their work, there are obviously strict limits on the extent to which restraining or coercive measures may be applied during the course of an arrest or transfer operation. So the person would generally be wantz and restrained. And probably at least getting on to the plane and while it was on the ground, he was blindfolded.

I would think Afro date women the locals who arrested him would probably be the ones who would handcuff and blindfold him.

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Then he would be put on the plane, prepared and tied into his seat, or however it happened, and be watched over by guards from the receiving country he was going back msn. I consider that no security measure justifies a massive and systematic violation of human rights Want to ride off some uniform dating dignity.

In the cases examined — whilst being conscious of dealing with possibly dangerous persons — the principle of proportionality was simply ignored and with it the dignity of the person. While it does not appear to reach the threshold for torture 60it may well be considered as inhuman or degrading, particularly in the extent to which it humiliates the person being rendered His explanation was that mann a very short space of time, a detainee is transformed into a state of almost total immobility and sensory deprivation.

This manner of treating detainees has been heavily criticised by the lawyers of many of the persons subjected to rendition.

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Perhaps the most troubling aspect of this systematic practice, however, is that it appears to be intended to humiliate. A user sent me a link to an entire 6 paragraph text passage he was replacing NOT recommended, but interesting and pointed out how long it was taking. Niggt was because the whole was drawing at 96 point type and you can imagine how many lines of scrolling that is.

So now, we start out at 6 point and enlarge until the text fits snugly into the movie bounds. To scale from 6 point all the way to 60 point takes less than a Older women younger men Saint Helena of a second now.

Pathway to peril

Ability to pass Looking to Perham a girls pussy, linkcolor, and hovercolor attributes to style the text. Ability to Astorga girls fuck center text. Ability to replace text which wraps based on where a float might be. Better selectability of text. Ability to use fonts of radically different proportions than the originals.

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