Here are answers to some of the questions girls ask about their bodies. At what age do you go through puberty?

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Here are answers to some of the questions girls ask about their bodies. At what age do you go through puberty? You'll probably start to Girrls changes from age 10 upwards, but there's no yakima escort and massage or wrong time to start. Some people go through puberty later than others.

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This is normal. If you have no s of puberty by the age of 16, see a doctor for a check-up.

Find out more about girls and puberty. Yes, this is perfectly normal.

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Before puberty, most girls have very little discharge. After puberty, what's normal for one girl won't be normal for another. Some produce a lot of fluid and some produce very little. When you start your periods, you'll probably flr your discharge varies at different times during your menstrual cycle. It might be colourless or creamy white in colour, and it may become more sticky and increase in quantity.

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Find out about periods and the menstrual cycle. My discharge smells. It's not normal if your vaginal area is itchy or sore. These symptoms may mean you have an infection, such as thrushwhich is common and easily treated. If your discharge is different from what's normal for you, see a doctor or nurse or 9 Doral looking for tonight a sexual health clinic.


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Advice is free and confidential, even if you're under Sexx about how to keep your vagina clean and healthy. Girls usually start their periods between the ages of 10 and Most girls start when they're around As everyone develops at different rates, there's no right or wrong age for a girl to start.

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Your periods will start when your body is ready, and there's nothing you can do to make them start sooner or later. If you haven't started your periods by the time you're 16, visit your doctor for a check-up. Watch this animation about the Gifls cycle.

Cor menstrual cycle This animation explains in detail how the menstrual cycle works. Both tampons and p are safe and suitable. You may want to use p for your very first period, though, as tampons can take a bit more getting used to. Tampons are inserted inside the vagina to soak up the blood before it leaves the vagina.

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Tampons have a string that hangs outside the vagina, and you pull this to remove the tampon. Wrap them in paper and put them in the bin. Most women's toilets have special bins for sanitary products.

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Use whatever you find most comfortable. Try different kinds until you find one that suits you. You might need to use different kinds at various points during your period. You need to change your pad or tampon several times a day.

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You'll find instructions in the packet on how to use them. There's a rare but life-threatening infection called toxic Girs syndrome TSSwhich can affect men and women. If you're worried about anything to do with periods or want more information, talk to an older woman, such as your mum, big sister, the school nurse or a teacher. Your doctor or local contraception or young Casual Hook Ups Almond Wisconsin 54909 clinic can also help.

Don't worry if your periods aren't the same as your friends' periods. Every girl is different.

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Bleeding can last up to 8 days, although it usually lasts about 5 days. The bleeding is heaviest during the first 2 days. However, you may have periods that are heavier than normal. This is known as menorrhagiaand there's Is there anyone out wanting real Belgium to treat it, so talk to your doctor if you're worried.

The average length of the menstrual cycle from the first day of your period until the day before your next period is 28 days, although it can be anywhere between 21 and 40 days. Some women don't have any symptoms, but on the days leading up to your period you may have symptoms of premenstrual syndrome. These include: headaches.