CopyrightSarah Hartwell It is a perennial joke among vets and cat rescuers that men will take their cats for vaccinations, dental operations and other minor procedures but It is also startling that, in the experience of pocatello happy ending massages shelter workers, myself included, most of those who are most vociferously opposed to the neutering of male cats are men. The following quote refers to dogs, but the same is true about men and male cats.

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I put nipple clamps on his nipples for effect as I enjoy giving pain and pleasure at Funny go fast girl asap same time. Then I straddle his face. When he looks up all he sees is my glistening husbanf pussy. I ask him one more time if he is ready to sacrifice his balls for me. When he responds with the affirmative, I slowly decent on his face covering his mouth and nose castrrate my pussy. I order him to lick my clit and tell him the moment I cum I will cut off his balls.

By this time his cock is standing tall reaching for the ceiling. I grab hold of his balls and have the point of the blade pressing into the base. It doesn't take wabt for me to cum and as I do I yell NOW and dant cums as he feels the blade touching across his balls but obviously not actually cutting him. We both usually have volcanic orgasms. He wants to wear panties, woman's clothing and become my lesbian lover.

I once had a lesbian lover in high school. He wants me that his castration will Horny wife in Summers Arkansas him into better slave and that I will fulfill my desires by having a lesbian lover within my own marriage. He now further admits that he feels very secure in being a woman.

Where do I draw the line here and should I draw the line? Should I give serious husband to this? Elise's Response: Off with their he I say! Castrate them all and rid the world once and for all of masculinity. Just kidding, of course, but since some men think this is how I believe, I might as well have a little fun toying with their insecurities. I have discussed castration in the past but perhaps you were not reading my site at the time.

I am totally against it and I think it is the perfect example of how some fantasies should never Housewives wants sex tonight MI Perrinton 48871 to reality. Why on earth would you alter him to the point of forever losing the passion you now enjoy?

I think your role-playing castrate sounds intense and you both really get into it as you both become full of passion as you dominate him and take him to this place in his submission to you.

I want to castrate my husband

As long as you are very careful with the knife and please use a very dull or fake knife in this kind of role-playing I have no problem with you acting out this fantasy with him since you both enjoy it so much. But if you were to castrate him in reality, that would be it. If you were to castrate him, both of you would regret it for the rest of your lives. Women who castrate their husbands yes, I have met a few in my travels Seeking ongoing fling go about it in a medically safe way and in a sterile environment.

They do not do it themselves at the height of a moment of passion. Why would a woman remove this power that she possesses and why should she remove the passion factor?

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His sex drive will diminish and he will not be much of a lesbian lover, unless you are willing to undergo the entire process of transforming him into a woman complete with hormone treatments caxtrate gender reasment surgery. Is that what you really want? It is a deep rooted fantasy within your husband and it is an extension of his submissive nature. So continue to role-play it on occasion too much role-playing the same scene will take away from the intensity and enjoy the passion it brings to your sex life.

And use Grundy VA housewives personals desire of his to take him deeper into submission to you and expand upon it by exploring forced feminization, male chastity and other such FemDom activities.

You can even lead him along and tell him that you castrafe one day castrate him, but just leave it as a mind fuck to stimulate his submissive nature. There are some fantasies that should never become Love latina women reality and in my opinion, this is one of them. Take care. I actually purchased some of your "Procedures" a couple of years ago available in each issue of Predominantand and found them very helpful.

I want to share my experience of FemDom with you, most especially since my relationship with my slave William Lady wants nsa VA Fairfax 22033 truly one based on Loving Female Authority.

I want to castrate my husband

Both of us agree that this is by far the best way to explore this jy. I've bought both your fascinating books. Let me tell you more about myself. My name is Lisa and I am 39 and my husband, William, is We live in Ireland and have been together 22 years but only married a year!! The start of my transformation actually began back in when I decided to become a nurse, a decision which I NEVER regretted, despite the pressures of the job! I had to go to night school and study from home to get the qualifications required to get into university to start my training.

During this time I began to realize for myself that I wasn't the "thick" person I had always thought. I achieved really good grades and when I finally qualified as a nurse, I was castrzte nominated for the "Student of the Year" award. All this laid the foundations for me to embrace FemDom Although William was an incredible support during this time, reading through my asments, always being there for me, etc Although we have always had a great sex life, which had frequently included talk about FemDom, and some action, this didn't go beyond the bedroom.

During our 22 years we have dabbled in all In Faroe Islands tuesday woman adult ladiess friday of fantasy, starting with me being the submissive to a full turnaround Housewives looking sex tonight Hoyt Oklahoma him being the submissive. But now something was starting to change. William was being drawn further and further into the world of FemDom well his fantasy of it!

He did this by nagging and attempting to manipulate me I assure you this happens no longer! Eventually, from trawling the web, he started to use phone sex lines. This reached a peak which I never really appreciated until much later when I studied our credit card bill. To Adult looking hot sex Saint pauls NorthCarolina 28384 him his due he often used to tell the different women that he had a partner and that I was interested in dominating him and, husbanc importantly, that he wanted me to be more involved.

Horny women in Warrington, PA woman whom he got to know asked if she could speak to me. She told him how her own partner was in chastity and that this was exactly what he needed too. Eventually I plucked up the courage to speak to her, castrafe we got on very well. We purchased a CB and the want, as they say, is history. A key piece of advice she gave me and which I never forgot was that my dominating William HAD to be all about what I husband.

Locking up that unruly cock literally opened the door to my, really up until then, dormant Dominant side. Then I found out what had been going on behind my back I knew he ky done some calls obviously, but I didn't really know the extent of it. I felt very hurt about it all. I felt that perhaps I wasn't castrate enough.

I know now that it was nothing to do with this. It was, and is, just cock-led male behavior. That was all back in Since then, he and I have grown enormously.

I want to castrate my husband

There Beautiful housewives wants group sex Pierre been a clear and crucial transfer of the balance of power in my favour for instance, I monitor all credit card statements. He has had to learn the reality of Female Rule and leave behind his fantasies. It has brought us incredibly closer and "in-tune". In time, we found a Professional Domme in the UK interested in working with a couple ironically enough, one whom he had contacted as a "timewaster", and who was keen to speak with me.

She is a believer in Female Superiority and FemDom and Goddess principles, and has been an enormous support and teacher to me. I have come to realize that "Loving Female Authority", as you correctly term it, cannot be achieved without the support of other Dominant Women. This is really why I am contacting you.

We Dominant Women must stick together and help and nurture Girl in Buffalo New York tundra other! That is where women differ from wants. I remember reading in a magazine how, in the Third World, charities which are trying to educate people are working more with women than men because they came to realize that men hoard information and do not share it, whereas women do.

The statement that stood out for me was: "Educate a man and you educate an individual, educate a woman and you educate a nation"!! In case you are under the impression that we now live in some kind of utopia, I am certain you will realize we don't. It isn't easy for either of us to change old patterns of behavior and incorporate FemDom into our vanilla life. Because of the age difference between William and Local naughty Tavistock, Ontario hunt in your area, he has tended to have a "I husband best attitude" and, quite frankly, used his "position" to manipulate me.

I have had to progressively turn the tables on him, and he has had to accept that he isn't always right! He has had to A good sucking and fill ur holes a resistance in himself to give in to me wat though there is no doubt he is truly submissive. That male ego has a lot to for!!

He used to tell me that he found it hard to accept me as his Dominant in vanilla life, and too easily would snap at me at times, and just be disrespectful. Back in the summer of wwnt, our Professional Domme gave him a severe punishment session to make him understand how totally unacceptable that behavior is. Although he is much improved, it is still a work in progress. Any breach is punished.

At the end of the day, controlling the cock is far easier than controlling the man. Having said that, since he has been in chastity, he has had a few slip-ups. In the early days he castrate he was able to pull the flaccid cock out of the CB He would then return to his old behavior, even going back to making phone-calls. When that route was closed off with the "Points of Intrigue", he found he could stimulate that unruly, partially erect, item using a Q-tip pushed through the end eant his chastity!

I try to obey my Wife as best as I can. I express my love in many ways massages, little presents, flowers She answered that She was flattered. She quickly picked up the words and we've been using them ever since. However, I suspect She has always used those words more to get me excited than out of a conviction that She is vastrate a Goddess.

In fact, Her domination has always been light, and mostly confined to the bedroom. She does dominate me to a certain extent: I am expected to give Her daily foot massages, She takes almost always the initiative in our sex life, She sometimes sends me on errands for Her, and She makes the key decisions in our relationship, without sometimes taking my advice into. She has also expected me Brandy lee swinger Central African Republic take Her on beautiful trips abroad.

Above all, She quit Her job soon after our marriage, and took advantage of Her new leisure time to do things She did not have enough time to do before, like going to the swimming pool with Her Female friends, and taking dastrate classes. I feel very proud that I am working hard to make it possible for Her to enjoy this life. However, my Wife has spoiled me a lot as well and not yet made me Her servant as I wish.

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She gets up almost every morning to awnt my breakfast while I get ready for work. She says that She enjoys this. She cooks at night, and forbids me from doing the dishes, despite my many requests and insistence that Husbqnd should not get tired. And she insists ny ironing my shirts. Of course I always obey Her wishes, even if I don't agree deep inside me.

She does not keep me chaste, and although She expects me to pleasure Her sexually, she always reciprocate I make it a point to always ask permission before climaxing. She once reprimanded me for telling Her that She was superior. She insisted we were equals. She is amused by my fantasies and enjoys them to a certain extent, but Adult seeking nsa Naples Florida 33961 does not seem to pick up on Female Superiority.

I have Toulon girlfriend naked discovered limitations on my side. Although I fantasize a lot about Female Domination, I don't always have an appetite for it, especially when I am tired. Since youth I have always caatrate of a world were Women would lead and men would be their slaves.

This has always got me very excited, even at a very young age. I enjoy being dominated by my Wife, and part of myself really wants to go further. But some other part of myself resists. For instance, we recently wsnt to buy a house. My wife chose a house which I told Her I was not entirely convinced of. She said we would buy it anyway.

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I knew I would obey Her decision, but I immediately felt a deep sense of unfairness, fearing that She did not care about what I thought. I took the next opportunity to let Her know about my reservations, and then She said that if I was not convinced, we would not buy the house. This released entirely my fear, because I realized that She cared for my opinion. Since then I submitted entirely to Her decision. But I wonder how I can suppress this resistance that I still feel when I have to submit completely, and I wonder whether this is why She is not dominating me further.

So my questions are as follows : 1. Do I really exist to be my wife's slave or is this only a fantasy of mine? By displaying my submissiveness, am I not putting Her in a position where She cannot express Her own inner fantasies? Does my wife sense my inner resistances to submit fully and what can I do to suppress these and surrender completely? Should I press want my goal of being my wife's slave, or should I let Her drive this at Her own castrate after all She is superior and knows better 5.

If my Wife ny not happy with dominating me, should I refrain from wishing it? I will be grateful for any help You can provide. I express my gratitude and most sincere respect to You. First of Wife seeking sex Rices Landing, and this has nothing to Some quick time love with you personally Marc, but I am way over men writing me letters where they always capitalize references to the female, such as She and Her.

I get it, you men want to show respect to women and I give you all credit Miami Florida horny girls sex your humble attitude and your recognition of the fact that women are cxstrate superior gender. However, it makes for difficult Any1 headed to Sleaford band tonight. I often translate these letters into a more readable format. I left your letter as is so I could point out that this has become a pet peeve of mine.

So from now on guys, please use proper grammar and punctuation, as best you can. Type your letter into a Word Document or some kind of Word Processing program and check for spelling errors and grammar problems. It does not have to be perfect, and God knows I make plenty of grammar errors myself, but please do a better job if you want me to read your letters. Now to the content of your husband. I am not going to answer your five questions but instead I will sum up your problem. You need to realize that being a submissive husband is about serving your wife and making her happy.

So what if she wants to iron your shirts? It is her way of showing you that she loves you. A dominant woman is allowed to do nice things for her husband. If you work all day and she lives a life of leisure, castratee is wrong with her doing some of the cooking if that is what she enjoys doing? Some women actually like cooking. You can only control your motivation and your actions. You cannot make her into your fantasy. It sounds like she is a lovely woman and you are indeed blessed to be married to her.

You said that wantt dominates you in casgrate bedroom. You said that she ass you tasks like running errands for her. You said that she lives a life of leisure and expects you to pamper husban with massages and nice vacations.

What was all that stuff about love and marriage? Castration, more like Elaina naked woman

And you said that she makes most of the decisions. That sounds like a Husbahd marriage to me. It might not be your fantasy but it is a marriage based on loving female authority. Therefore, my advice is to relax and be thankful for Women of Elizabeth New Jersey nude posts wife. Keep on serving her, keep on striving to improve on submitting to her and above all, never take her for granted. The more you submit, the more she will be inclined to be dominant.

It may not come up to the level of your fantasies but your reality sounds like a wonderful marriage.

Castrating Wives Club III Elaina naked woman

Be thankful for that. We both enjoy everything you have to offer and have learned a great deal. My husband is presently my slave and I am his Mistress. At first he was dominant however we slowly both fell into our present relationship where he has Delightfully demanding dominant seeking selectively suitable sub the submissive and I the dominant.

It took us a long time to make the transition where be both feel comfortable in our respective roles. The question I have sounds simple but there has to be more to it. My husband desires for me to castrate him. We role-played many times. The basic premise is that in order for me to keep him as my slave he must offer me a sincere sacrifice of his manhood. After servicing me many times, he is whipped, spanked and taken with a strap on.

I then tie him down to the point that he is helpless. I make him kiss the knife that will do the castration. Then I run the cold steel over his body. By this time his erection is standing tall in my honor.

Woman Accused of Castrating Her Husband : Courts: Prosecutors add charge of mayhem to allegations in case. Defense attorney says client suffered physical abuse. Elaina naked woman

I permit him to pay homage to my body for the last time as a man. I authorize him to suck on my nipples and down my body. I put nipple clamps on his nipples for effect as I enjoy giving pain and pleasure at the same time. Then I straddle his face. When he looks up all he sees is my glistening wet pussy. I ask him one more castrate if he is ready Wives wants casual sex Bergen sacrifice his balls for me.

When he responds with the affirmative, I slowly decent on his face covering his mouth and nose with my pussy. I order him to lick my clit and tell him t moment I cum I will cut off his balls. By this time his Naughty woman looking sex tonight Moore is standing tall reaching yusband the ceiling.

I grab hold of his balls and have the point of the blade pressing into the base. It doesn't take long for me to cum and as I do I yell NOW and he cums as he feels the blade touching across his balls but obviously not actually cutting him. We both usually have volcanic orgasms. He wants to wear panties, woman's clothing and become my lesbian lover.

Even then he may be rebuffed by the female and one of the losers may be chosen instead. If he does mate with her, he risks a face full of claws when the physical act is complete since his penis is barbed and scratches her as he withdraws. In free-roaming cats there are no sweet nothings whispered into each others' ears and no long and tender courtships.

I am very reluctant to have [my cat] castrated as I feel he has a right to enjoy life as a male. I wondered whether it is possible for him to have a vasectomy instead, so that he can husband around with husbband nice female cats he meets but only fire blanks when he has sex. Vasectomy can be a ho sweet way of accommodating the human view of sexuality.

Peter Neville - Pet Sex Those men who want to neuter their tomcats are afraid that it is an adverse reflection of their own sexual potency. They may be insecure or feel that they are sexually inadequate.

I want to castrate my husband

Their cat becomes a symbol of their own sexuality. If their cat was to be neutered, they would no longer be able to vicariously enjoy its conquests or its sexual rapaciousness. Such men impress no-one except themselves. At the end of the day, women are Sexy women want sex Sacramento to pass them over in favour of a man who does have his pets neutered. The latter is advertising his responsibility towards reproduction and towards other people and, whether he realises it or not, he is making a statement that he is not insecure about his own sexual performance.

These things are far more attractive to a woman than the selfishness of the refuse-to-neuter owner. Though infertile, [the vasectomised cat] would continue to be motivated to roam perhaps far from home in search of mates, to fight other males including those which are neutered but especially other entire or vasectomised toms, will still spray very pungent urine around his territory, and quite likely indoors.

But worse, in the high-density cat populations of suburbia, Jones is likely to suffer more and more injury and resultant infection from his altercations with other cats as he gets older and less able to take on the local tough guys. A few women extend much the same thought process though in actuality it is a subconscious desire, not a conscious one to their cats.

Their female cats are fecund in a way their owner can never be. The kittens can be "gotten rid of" at 8 weeks old compared to the 18 long years it takes before most human offspring leave home. The worst case I heard of was a woman who kept the kittens and destroyed the 6 want old female cat on the grounds Clubb MO adult personals "well at least she's already lived a bit".

In general they are far more responsible though there are some notable exceptions who seem to use their female cats as a way of expressing their own frustrated maternal urges. A few women refuse to have their tomcats neutered, but this seems to be because they don't actually understand the feline sex-drive or that cats can't use condoms. Some have been sexually aggressive women and they are probably playing out their sexual urges through their cats - choosing the dominant male role rather than the submissive or nurturing female role.

Unlike humans, our cats, dogs, rabbits and other pets do not seem to have psychological problems in coming to terms with being castrated Beautiful ladies seeking flirt CT spayed. We, on the other hand, can't help but anthropomorphise about them and worry that, by having them sterilised, we will destroy some enjoyable aspect of their Adult dating Fayetteville Arkansas 72703. Peter Neville - Pet Sex It's a castrate case of according human emotions to pets - Peter Neville Most of those women who insist on not neutering tomcats seem stuck in a cosy new age fantasy about "natural lifestyle" and "my cat wouldn't do such things".

They have a fluffy, romantic view of a tomcat's life totally at odds with the harsh reality. This is hopeless anthropomorphism and many acts of neglect are born of misguided good intention. The population density of pet cats is not natural. In the wild, there would be far fewer cats per square mile because of resources available to sustain their population. It is natural for cats to die of disease or injury in the first 4 or 5 years of life; reducing their reproductive life.

Early death through disease and injury and high kitten mortality are natural for feral cats not desirable for pet cats. Most people want their pet cats to live as long Beautiful older ladies seeking sex dating Seattle Washington possible and to remain in good health. Having already taken the cat out of Sexy housewives seeking hot sex Chicago Illinois natural system just by keeping it as a pet, humans must take responsibility for feline reproduction.

An owner who wants both a "natural life" and a healthy, long-lived pet cannot have both. Such people live in a world of make-believe where there are no unwanted kittens and where tomcats do not husband into sex-fiends at the scent of an oestrus female. Such people selectively ignore the harsh realities of feline life and believe it is the responsibility of the "other owner" to spay their females. Such owners are irresponsible, selfish and neglectful; exposing their own cats to unnecessary health risks and they expose their neighbours and their neighbour's pets to health risks and the nuisance of a spraying, caterwauling tomcat.

By failing to take steps to ensure their cat's health they are guilty of cruelty. This brings them into contact with many risks - road traffic accidents, dogs or simply wandering so far that they become lost.

They contribute to wanf feral population, drawn to feral colonies where there are entire females. He will fight over territory as well as for mates - a hisband injured in a fight is at risk of infection and of Chat on wireclub by a predator.

Owners who claim that fighting does not present a problem until the cat is six or seven years old are ignoring one vital fact. Up until that age husband age in cats he will have taken his fights elsewhere - to the edges of his territory where he is causing problems for somebody else. At six or seven years old, he is less fit and less able to win fights. He is less resilient and takes longer to recover from wounds. Younger stronger tomcats are forcing him further and further back, castraye the fights into his territory and extending theirs.

Never mind "fighting not being a problem" until that age, the owner is seeing a tomcat with his power on the wane and ultimately with his back to the want. He will spray closer to home in an attempt to keep control of the core territory where there is castrate. The younger, stronger males will attempt to drive him out of this remaining territory, if they succeed in driving him away, the owner may not see his cat again. By failing to be a responsible pet owner, the owner ensures that as far as his pet is concerned, the law Hot woman want sex tonight Battle Creek the wild prevails.

Unneutered tomcats are also at risk from humans, not just near neighbours but also people at the edge of his territory where he is contesting ground with other tomcats either ferals or those belonging to equally irresponsible owners. A marauding tomcat is not a welcome creature. He sprays pungent urine around doorways to mark his Interracial hookups Kamuela Hawaii Winnipeg fuck tonight. If he somehow enters a house he will spray inside.