Yes it IS beef. I know it looks the same but it said so on the label.

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Yes it IS beef.

Love to be fcuked

I know it looks the same but it said so on the label. Do you want me to cook this or not?

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Ungrateful barsteward! Not me cnut, the meat! Fcuking great, you used it to stir the paint. Anybody got a tin opener? You silly cnut!

Love to be fcuked

Anybody got a plaster? You now cover with a lid and leave to simmer over a gentle heat.

Love to be fcuked

I said gentle and leave that fcuking regulator alone. Catch you later. Yes very funny you cnuts!

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Ha fcuking ha some child fcuked around with the peppermill. You can cut up the spaghetti dickhead.

Love to be fcuked

Just keep cutting and shut the fcuk up. You silly fcukers, does it look like fcuking paint?

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Fcuking great and so what that it covers in just the one coat. He has operated in all four corners of the globe and was involved in many of the operations that made the SAS a benchmark in Special Operations. There will be a special farewell do at the Worm Park Ballroom near Hereford next Tuesday, with a bar, a buffet and live music.