Im doing fine, Got back in July from Australia spent 2 months traveling around the west coast which was amazing!

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Im doing fine, Got back in July from Australia spent 2 months traveling around the west coast which was amazing! I should tell you, im originally from Zimbabwe, born and pretty much raised there, although we did move around Africa and Ive lived in South Africa and Namibia too. All amazing places naturally, so it was a bit of a culture shock when moving to England lived there for about 8 years, Horny cougar in Boston Massachusetts two occasions.

Been here in Washington almost 5 years now and havent really found what im looking for when it comes to friends or relationships.

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I guess people are just really different and have been jaded by people fucking Lady want sex tonight ME Dresden 4342 over a lot selfish people that is and therefore fuck me over too. Im just a little tired of the normal, so im hoping this might give me something different. Im just looking for someone similar to me, good morals doesnt sleep around, cheat, lie etc Maybe i have a strong opinion oooh there are many and you think differently about the matter Not argue, not shout, not storm out of the room or feel like im trying to control you, change your mind or somehow oppress you damn jaded people.

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I genuinely feel that relationships can only really grow and develop through trust, which requires communication to build that trust and honesty to maintain Woman want hot sex Magalia. Its all very simple and easy in my mind, but Mkrgantown apparently very hard for people in this 'modern age' to live up to these three simple things.

I enjoy all the normal things people do, im fit and healthy and i want you to be too.

Slim, healthy, job, Women want nsa Palmersville Tennessee and no. These are my only requirements, the rest is down to personality. I have a couple of good friends and am really just wanting a friend with benefits in the proper sense, not the sleazy 'fwb' that has potential for a long term relationship. I want to make sure that what i invest my time, emotion and thoughts into is going se be wznt, not just a fling.

Maybe you can relate, i dont know, but that is what im looking for. My unique upbringing, fantastic parents and travel have reaal given me a good grasp on reality, whats important in life and what is a complete waste of time.

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So while i would love to just travel the world till Morgantkwn dying day, meeting great people, eating great food and seeing all the secrets mother nature has to offer, i cant. The banks own the world and money our hearts I steer towards a more people orientated life as having all the materialistic possessions in the world would not keep you happy for long.

People ultimately are what make life worth living! Whats important in your life?