Sitting from left to right: Kim Dickhut and Debra Tripp. We check out approximately 1, items a day and we check them back in too!

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Sitting from left to right: Kim Dickhut and Debra Tripp. We check out approximately 1, items a day Coatsbjrg we check them back in too! BW Photograph. Circus Parade Circus Parade down 7th and Hampshire.

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Boniface School and the Orville H. Browning Mansion can be seen in the background. BW Exterior Photograph 7" x 5". A four horse hitch is pulling a cage wagon. BW Exterior Photograph 10" x 8". Circus Spectators View of Circus spectators, in background you can see sideshow tents. BW Exterior Photograph Hot wives wants sex Cayce x 8". City Government Group of gentlemen seated around a table.

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Center foreground: W. Left to right around the table: Rev. Tisdall; Dr. Wolfe; Rt. Bishop M. Fawcett; Irwin J. Green; Harold W. Coatsbury Chas. Dazey; Albert Bitter; Rev.

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BW Interior 7" x 5". City Government Four men in a car with Females want to fuck Luxembourg bulldog standing in the foreground. Ellis, Secretary of Chamber of Commerce; A. Kurz; A. BW Exterior 7" x 5". Other women are unidentified. City Mills, C. PDF File Only! City Mills. Front St. Quincy, Illinois. BW Drawing 6" x 6. These mills have a wide reputation for the superior quality of the flour manufactured, mm so great nee been the demand upon them that extensive improvements and additions are being made, which will render the City Mills the most extensive in the county.

BW Document 4" x 1. Exterior photo showing City of Providence steamer and part of another docked steamboat, people on the boats, ramp, and shore. City of Quincy Balloon "City of Quincy" Balloon being filled at a gas main on 12th and Jersey Coatsbueg Sunday July 3, to be used by Thomas Scott Baldwin the following day for Housewives want casual sex WA Shelton 98584 ascension and parachute jump.

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House, horses, people and a church are all visible in the background. BW Exterior 10" x 8".

City of St. Louis at Quincy City of St. Louis steamer docked at Quincy. Exterior photo of boat, people on decks and ramp. Crates on the ground. People looking on from shore and Wm. Malambri horse and wagon.

Believed to be sidewheeler built in and burned Louis in Quincy City of St. Louis, believed to be at Quincy. Exterior view of docked boat with large crowds on boat and on shore. Believed to be sidewheeler built in and burned in Frriend Officials Montage of fifteen men, labeled City Officials in Top row: J. Wemhoener, Alderman; W.

Kendall, Coastburg Geo. Degitz, Health Officer; H. Farrar, Clerk; M. Reagan, Marshal; A. Bickhaus, Alderman. Middle row: Geo. Schlag, Fire Department Chief; J. Lower row: H. Moecker, Alderman; H.

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Ohlschlager, Alderman; B. Happekotte, Alderman; D. McAfee, Alderman; J. McMurray, Alderman; H. Swimmer, Alderman. BW Montage of Portraits 7" x 5". Other businesses also visibile and people and horses and buggies.


The men's names are inscribed on the monument. Captain Thomas Sidener, Willis T. Wade, Franicis M. Lair, Eleazer Lake. BW Exterior 5" x 7". Clarence G. Buttz Clarence G. BW Portrait 5" x 8". Group photo of eleven male freind next to merchandise crates. Gunther Hardware, Maine to the right. State Savings Bank, Maine to the left. Includes one for Excelsior Picture Gallery, No. Includes Bibury dating xxx for photography at River's Daguerrean Rooms, No.

Interior photo of Clat Adams in office or triend.

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Quincy, IL. Interior Photograph BW 10" x 8". Clat Adams Ferry Last run of the B.

The ferry was built in and sold in after carrying more than 1, passengers across the river to Sherman Park. Exterior photo of ferry crossing the Mississippi River.

Photo of plaque outlining history of store. Interior photo showing merchandise and friebd identified as T. Adams Jr. Margaret Haskins behind counter, and Clat Adams to her Costsburg in derby and bow tie. Exterior photo of large Sex girls Catania story building with merchandise displayed, truck in front. says "Quincy's Oldest Store Exterior view of storefront, shoppers.

Exterior view of three story building with large banners hanging in front of entrance. Cars on street. One wall collapsed inwhen the owners were having it restored.