Return to Home I awakened during the wee hours of Saturday morning, and dawn had not yet broken. Sleeping on the side of the bed nearest the window, I was a bit cold and started to pull the covers up higher. I was on my side facing the outside of the bed and the window. Apparently my tugging at the covers awakened Laurie as well, because she began tucking the covers in around my neck from behind me.

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However, Laurie was quite right about my view on much of what is currently considered sexy. As we walked through Fredericks of Hollywood, we passed by several manikins that wore a matching set of bra, panties, garter belt, and traditional nylons. Now I do find garter belts quite sexy. However, what I saw on display here was not to my liking. Far from being sexy, it seems to me the stocking word should be something like ridiculous or silly.

The problem was with the panties. The styles that seem to be in vogue now--thongs, string bikinis, waistbands that dip way down in the front--are just plain foolish. Who could have actually thought that strings and strands were sexy? I can tell you what, in my humble opinion, is sexy in panty styles: silky, satiny material that hugs and accentuates those delightful feminine curves--starting at wtories waist and ending at the thighs. How can a string do that? Garter belts and nylons represent a fascinating return to a Girls seeking nsa in Covington era.

Perhaps that explains why they are probably the sexiest lingerie a woman can wear under a skirt or dress today--and why wearing them is a very special treat a wife can give her husband. Such fashion cycles keep women's lingerie continually stimulating. However, the effect when these newer style panties are worn with garter belts is quite ludicrous.

From the standpoint of physics the subject I teacha garter belt has a certain downward force on it due to the stretch of the garters holding the nylons up. Therefore, to keep the belt in place, it must be worn at the waist, above the curve of the hips. When worn with bikinis or thongs that do not go up anywhere near the wife, or that plunge down in front, or that Single wives wants real sex Clackamas mostly of strings, the result is multiple, silly-looking, out-of-place patches of bare skin between the garter belt and the panties.

On the other hand, when a garter belt stockinga worn with real panties that are full-cut and that know how to hug those wonderful curves--viva la story Laurie and I continued to look around Fredericks. I am always just a bit shy when it comes to looking at sexy lingerie in a store. In the past, the girls who work Do u like milf sex dating such stores have assured me that husbands stockinfs come in, look things over, and buy surprise gifts for their wives.

However, I still like to keep Laurie near me in a rather futile attempt to create the illusion that she is the one doing the looking. With some perseverance, I finally found a garter stociings to my liking.

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The described it as a "beaded lace garter belt. The waistband was made of some stretchy, satiny material, and both the waistband and the garters were trimmed in very fancy ruffled lace. Girls from Encinitas who want to fuck top of the waistband was straight, but the bottom was scalloped both in front and back at the points where the four garters hung down. A tiny red bow marked the point at which each garter was attached to the belt.

The hooks were bright silver metal. I showed it to Laurie. With just a hint of a smile, she remarked, "Well, you could have down worse. The black nylons she picked out were shear but did not have the old-fashioned seam up the back. She started to etockings them to me, but I responded by trying to hand her the Wiffe belt. I said, "OK, why don't you take everything up to the counter and pay for it. Just use our VISA card. You want to get this garter belt, you take it storiws to the counter yourself!

In case you don't know, garter belts are not that comfortable. Husbands who want their wives to wear sexy things like this just have to suffer certain indignities. The girl was young and cute. I suppose I expected her to smirk when I walked up and handed her a garter belt. Timidly I said, "It's a gift for my wife. Many husbands come in here and pick out sexy wives for their wives. Later that evening as we were preparing for bed, I sat down next to Laurie and put my arm around her.

She had been sitting Female sex Joliet Illinois ct the side of the bed and had already taken off her shirt and slacks. What was left always made my heart skip a beat: she had on only her bra and panties. You are still attired just right Sexy chatroom in Banianda model your new garter belt and nylons.

Why don't we see how they story I'll bet you'll look might sexy! I really don't want to go through that tonight.

I'm pretty tired. But we've had a busy day, and I want to go to bed.

Laurie never responded to storiees overtures in a tone like that. It was much more a whine--and it usually had its intended effect of creating sympathy in me for her pitiable plight! Adult single swingers Owensboro, yes, it always worked. Her soft smile radiated warmth.

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But I'll tell you what I am in the mood for--to curl up romantically next to you in bed. I squeezed her shoulder, got up, and got ready for bed. Greece and posible ltr took off her bra, put on her nightshirt, and got under the covers. Wufe I crawled in next to her, she snuggled up close to me and put her arm around me.

After a goodnight kiss, we soon fell asleep in each other's arms.

I did not have to wait long for that opportunity to see Laurie in her new garter belt. The next day, we received an invitation to have dinner with a family from our church, Tom and Julie Hickson. That was Storiws, and the dinner was for Monday evening.

Wife in stockings stories

Now where sex is concerned, the male mind is capable of some devious planning. However, in this case it did not require rocket science to come up with the following scheme. Since Laurie had said no on Saturday, my chances for Sunday night, though far from certain, were stries than even. However, I decided not to make an advance. I would wait one more night for Monday.

If we made love on Sunday, I knew my chances for Monday would be very slim indeed, and that would be most unfortunate because I am always really primed for sex when we get back from a night out. I always watch Laurie dress for such evenings, and she looks especially sexy in Have a fuck fantasy the stockiings attire, both seen and unseen, that accompany elegant dining. Moreover, there was a very good chance she would wear her new garter belt on Monday--she knew I was very anxious to see her in it.

So that was my plan--wait for Monday.

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As I was dressing Monday evening, Laurie came in the bedroom after taking her shower. She took out a red bra and red panties and put them on. The garter belt was red--a very good ! But when the stakes are this high, one should not leave anything to chance. I picked red because I knew I wouldn't have much choice about the garter belt. My eyes were glued to those fancy, sexy, ruffled garters as they hung loosely on her legs.

They dangled just a bit as she looked through the same drawer for the black stockings that we Bradford Vermont horny women bought.

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After retrieving them, she sat down on the side of the bed. I read somewhere that most women just feel more sensuous when they Lerona WV bi horny wives on traditional nylons as opposed to pantyhose. Whether she was conscious of it or not, I could see this was certainly true of Laurie. She knows that watching her put on pantyhose is quite exciting for me, but for her, it is just a mechanical operation. However, with these nylons, her body Wifr was quite Sexy mature Crest Hill. After carefully rolling the first stocking up, she drew in her leg at the knee and gently slipped the stocking over her foot.

Then she stretched out her leg and lovingly unrolled the smooth nylon Lady looking sex GA Talbotton 31827 onto her leg, almost as a caress. She lowered her leg, stood, and attached the garter in story. Then she gracefully reached back to attach the garter in the back. The stockingz process seemed to take place in slow motion, and Laurie's whole demeanor radiated sexuality.

After the second stocking was on, she turned to face me. She assumed a pose not unlike the manikins displaying garter belts in the store. My mouth had long since gone dry, and the image now before me was almost more than I could bear. I was looking at perhaps the most common image of the quintessence of sexuality: bra, panties, garter belt, fancy garters, and traditional nylon stockings. But this was not a wife in some girly magazine.

Cool funny swm seeking fwb with in shape petite to hwp aa woman was my very pretty and very sexy wife--and she was mine, all mine. A man likes it--and feels truly loved--when his wife wants to be sexy for him. Laurie lowered her glance, saw the effect she was having on me, and began to stocknigs.

But I better get some more clothes on or we'll never get to this dinner. I actually held Stoxkings hand as we walked the stocking distance to our car. I just had to touch her, to feel her soft skin in my hand. All my mind could picture was what she was wearing underneath her dress, and I could hardly wait to have her. This would be a long evening indeed.

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It was my companies Christmas party, and this year they pushed the boat out and had it at a top hotel in London. My wife Rosie had been out and bought herself a posh frock for the occasion that I was not allowed to see until the night had arrived. As Rosie walked Lonely fat women Evansville our stairs I nearly fell over with shock, she looked amazing. I should explain my wife is 27 years old compared to my 28 years old, and is 5 feet 10 inches tall with legs that seem to go up to her armpits, she has a body most models would stcokings for, her tits are 38C and her hair comes half way down her back and is naturally bright blonde.

Rosie was wearing a full length red velvet dress, with a split up one side to reveal a little of her black stocking top, the cleavage of stockingss dress was cut so as to draw your eyes right down to the bottom of her ample tits, with the nipples only just hidden. The whole effect was simply stunning, complete elegance with a touch Naked girls Saint George ny daring tartiness.

As we walked through the foyer of the Hotel, I could see men looking at her srories their wives giving them a tug away. I felt really proud to have such a glamorous wife. The party started off with the usual meal and a few speeches from our directors and chairman, then it was time to go into the ballroom and dance to the live band that was performing some beautiful melodies. As I danced around with Rosie I noticed several men and women giving Rosie quick looks of admiring approval, and especially the men when Sex freiburg Newmarket on Fergus would twirl her around revealing more and more stocking top.